Staff Picks: Putting the Amp in Glamping

By David Pope

Staff Picks: Every two weeks, we'll be bringing you one of our staffer's favorite glamping sites. This week, David is here to share which accommodations he's chosen!

It was a Tuesday when I first started working at Glamping Hub. Black clouds hung low and fat over the horizon, and I remember being dazzled by the photographs that seemed to shimmer on the wall as I took my first, tentative steps into the warmth of the office. There were yurts, tipis, tree houses, castles—each one a different mottle of colors and set in a different, far away place. Like portals to distant lands, they seemed to be asking me to step through their thin veneer of physicality and explore new sightscapes in an era of exploration continued from the first pushes of discoverers like Hercules and Magellan.

So, reader, that is what I would like to share with you today. These are just some of the places that inspired me to wildly explore in a way few do, and I hope that they also serve as inspiration for you to begin your own adventures.

1. Peaceful Cedar Green House In Silverton, Oregon

This may not be the first thing that pops to mind when you think glamping. It's not a tent or a tree house or a hobbit hole, it's not made out of recycled fur donated by a family of charming badgers.

But, for me, the greenhouse theme of this unique getaway in Oregon offers travelers the perfect way to immerse themselves in the sights of their natural setting. And, just like a greenhouse, those who stay inside also grow and change as they relax into their surroundings.

2. Rustic and Romantic Tree House Rental in Sonoma Wine County

Tree houses have that magical ability to not just take us to a new place, perched high above the troubles of the world, but to also take us back in time to the unremembered skies and snows of childhood.

This particular rental in Sonoma, California, is no different, transporting us to ourselves as much as to Californian wine country.

3. Mongolian-Style Yurt with Spectacular Views in Victoria, Australia

In 1969, Neil Armstrong took his first steps across the quiet surface of Earth's moon, cementing humanity's place amongst the stars and reminding us all of the importance of not forgetting pronouns when forging great quotes.

But this yurt doesn't care about that. It stands on an ancient Australian landscape that seems to suggest that it will outlast the orbit of the moon, and lets us enjoy a timeless escape.

4. Glamping Caboose Rental Perfect for Families near Clyde, North Carolina

Just as the castles of medieval warlords and feudal chieftains were transformed into the sumptuous palaces of royal elites, so to has this former train carriage been turned into a luxury glamping site. Choo-choo-choose it for your next getaway.

5. Pod on Stilts Surrounded by Vineyards near Mendoza, Argentina

The vines of Mendoza stretch out as a patchwork quilt of purples and greens that blankets the landscape of Argentina in color and vivacity. Making where you stay why you stay is the very core of the glamping dogma, perfectly encapsulated by this pod on stilts above vineyards bursting with life.

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Staff Picks: The Best of the Best in Spain

By Jessica Armstrong

Staff Picks: Every two weeks, we'll be bringing you one of our staffer's favorite glamping sites. This week, Jessica is here to share which accommodations she's chosen!

A quick look through our incredible glamping offerings in Spain is enough to give anyone travel envy—I, myself, am dying to visit ever single one! Luckily, my time in Spain has given me the opportunity to visit, albeit briefly, a number of these properties—villas, yurts, and tents, to name a few!—but I'm still hopeful that, one day, I'll get to take a tree house for a spin, too.

Prepare to be inspired by my favorite glamping picks for the best of the best in Spain—you'll be booking a trans-Atlantic flight to España in no time!

1. Luxury Villas and Tents in Malaga

High above the coast of Malaga, these undeniably lovely glamping accommodations offer up the ultimate luxury vacation by the sea. While the site has two different types of accommodations on-site—both villas and tents—glampers can't go wrong no matter which accommodation they choose.



For our stay, my boyfriend and I opted for the villa, as we went during the winter months, and the tents were being updated for spring. It's the perfect excuse to come back! I can't wait to experience the breathtaking view, the amazing service, and full Spanish breakfast all over again.


2. Yoga Yurts at 30 minutes from Seville

Tucked away into the secluded valleys of southern Spain, this charming glamping property offers yogis and glampers the experience of a lifetime in these yurt rentals. With an offering of fully organic and delicious fruits and veggies (some even grown right on-site!) for guests, this glamping yoga retreat will feed your mind, body, and soul—leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed by check-out.


Glampers have the option of staying in an apartment, yurt, or tent when visiting this unique yoga center for a getaway. What's more? You can go for a relaxing dip in the pool every day after practicing yoga and meditating. If it were up to me, I would nama-stay here forever.


3. Safari Tents in Cadiz

Thanks to this property, you don't have to go all the way to Africa to experience an authentic safari tent. Located just a couple miles off the shore, these stunning tent rentals can be found in the natural parks right off of Cadiz proper.


The warm weather, beautiful green scenery, and high-end features found in each tent are enough to make any traveler fall in love with southern Spain. Having visited these tents a couple times now, each experience has been unique and left me with new memories. Perfect for both couples or groups of friends, these luxury tents are definitely the best way to visit Cadiz.


4. Tree houses in Galicia


I've had my eye on these beauties for awhile, and I think it's finally time to make my dreams become reality. From the breathtaking treetop views right from the accommodation to the ultra-luxurious amenities, I don't know what's taken me so long to book a stay here. Just close your eyes and imagine waking up to those sky-high vistas every morning without ever having to leave your bed. Needless to say, off to Galicia, I will soon go!


Check out last week's Staff Picks post and browse more one-of-a-kind Spanish glamping treasures here!

Our Top Five Staff Picks

By Chloe Stein

Staff Picks: Every two weeks, we'll be bringing you one of our staffer's favorite glamping sites. This week, Chloe is here to share which accommodations she's chosen!

When working at Glamping Hub, not a day goes by without oogling and ogling over a newly-listed tree house, a funky yurt or a charming shepherd hut—and don't even get me started on tiny houses, they're utterly praise-worthy.

So, let's begin our first week of staff picks with two things in mind. One, prepare to be amazed, and two, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a tiny house.

1 - Tree House: Misiones, Argentina

This new sign up is the bee's knees, his legs, and his arms. Why do we love this Argentinian tree house? I mean, isn't it obvious?

2 - Tented Cabins: Rhone Alps, France

These tents are our second choice as they are available year-round—withstanding winter, spring, summer and fall—and because we can always get down with a glass of Côtes du Rhône, or two.

3 - Yurt: Escalante, Utah

This third pick makes our list for one reason and one reason only, location, location, location. More specifically—the immaculate Grand Staircase National Park, as seen in the second photo below.

Photo by Kane County Office of Tourism

4 - Private Island: Little Diamond, Maine

If we were to pick one region in the world to camp for the rest of our days, it would probably be New England—which brings us to this private island rental in Maine.

5 - Tiny House: Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Don't say we didn't warn you! This gosh-darn adorable tiny house is what dreams are made of. Is that going overboard? Personally, we think not. All hail tiny houses!

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