Go Where the Natives Go: Montana

By Hayley Donigan


Okay, so you’re not a Montana local, but you still want to go to the places where the natives go. We get it—there’s so much more to discover beyond the guide books. Dare to venture off the beaten path and open your eyes to the hidden treasures of this “Big Sky” state. Let us guide you through some of the most beloved places in Montana that are simply not to be missed.

Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks

Let’s be honest. These stunning national parks, however famous they are, are not to be bypassed, and you'll get to discover the gems inside them that many passing tourists don’t have the opportunity to see. Beyond Old Faithful, for example, you’ll find Point Sublime in Yellowstone National Park, which features stunning Yellowstone River views. Glacier National Park has Bowman Lake, which is unbeatably serene and acts as a great starting point for hikes.

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Charming Small Towns

The state is dotted with quaint little communities and even ghost towns that are a delight for all who stop by. Travelers who open themselves up to exploring these gems rather than passing them by will see an authentic side to Montana that they might not have seen otherwise. From homemade apple pies to tiny antique stores, you will have a wonderful time embracing this simpler way of life.

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Big Sky

A trip to Montana wouldn’t be complete without hitting the slopes. With so many top-notch places to go skiing, it would be a shame if you didn’t give the sport a try, even if you’re a beginner. Big Sky is one of the best places in the state to get in touch with your inner skier, since it has two large resorts—one of which is the biggest resort in the state.

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