What is the Tiny House Movement?

By Emily Nehme

Simply put, the tiny house movement is the recent trend to downsize physical living space. People are making the decision to give up their average-sized homes for petite households that range anywhere from 100 to 400 square feet. The result? An eco-friendly, cost-saving, and sustainable lifestyle. These creatively-designed properties have all the necessities of a cozy, comfortable life while offering the motivation to keep up with a more active routine. Gone are the days of hiding from the sun to lounge on the couch and binge on reality TV shows. Gone are the days of stressing about cleaning every corner of a three-bedroom home. Gone are the days of struggling to scrape up the funds to pay the mortgage. When living the tiny life, these worries diminish—giving you the opportunity to truly live life to the fullest.

a tiny house in the woods

Upgrade by downsizing. Tiny homes like this are sustainable, stylish, and affordable!

What are tiny houses?

Tiny houses come in a variety of creative shapes and sizes and can accommodate an entire family. They can be built suite-styled to resemble a hotel room, or tall and narrow for a modern twist on lofted accommodations. They can be stand-still timber huts, or miniature portable homes on wheels ready to take you all over the globe. The endless, innovative designs inspire a unique combination of simplicity and comfort—a lifestyle that will make you wonder why you ever dreamed of owning a many-storied mansion.

a tiny house in hawaii

Tiny living is the new coast to coast trend—and even beyond, like this tiny home in Hawaii!

What are the benefits of tiny living?

The benefits of tiny living are plentiful. This life is suitable for anyone looking to go green as the small property uses minimal resources and can easily be powered using renewable energy. Additionally, the smaller physical capacity calls for less things in general, reducing the amount of clutter that seems endless in today’s materialistic world. Fewer things and less space also means diminished costs! We’re all looking to cut down on expenses and know that downsizing is ultimately one of the best solutions. Lastly, tiny living adds the feeling of freedom to the mix. The accommodation provides all the necessities needed for a comfortable lifestyle but now, the temptation to waste away indoors is lacking. The tiny-house movement is suitable for anyone looking to benefit from these perks—and let’s face the truth, everyone is.

a tiny house in texas

From chic to rustic, tiny houses provide a unique combination of elegance and comfort, and this tiny home in Texas is no exception!

Why glamp in a tiny house?

The tiny house movement is a spectacular phenomenon, but it does require drive and commitment to start. For those who are still on the fence, why not give a tiny house glamping getaway a try? Adventurers, explorers, and nature-lovers in general are bound to enjoy a change of scenery every now and then. One of the best kind luxury glamping retreats are those that relax you at no additional expense. Cue tiny house glamping! Think about the possibility of eliminating the stress of high costs, both monetary and environmental, while reaping the benefits of an exclusive getaway.

Tiny House Movement in Florida

You can even take your tiny home on a tiny adventure, if it has wheels!

You might be living small, but don’t be afraid to act big! As inviting and cozy as the tiny houses can be, the adventure begins from the first step out the door. Whether you’re hidden away in a national park or facing a beautiful lake, glampers have access to an endless number of activities including hiking, biking, canoeing, bird watching, and more. Take your pick of chic, modern tiny houses-- from wheeled-huts nestled in the wilderness to mini-beach houses overlooking a stunning ocean view, we’ll find the best tiny glamping spot suitable for you.

Tiny House Movement in New Jersey

Glamp in style at this tiny home in New Jersey.

Take the first step in the tiny-house movement and glamp at any one of Glamping Hub’s tiny homes from across the U.S. and beyond!

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