West Coast Tipi Glamping

By Abby Jeffords

One of the hottest trends in the glamping realm in 2012 was most certainly tipi glamping. Tipis haven't stopped just there, either; we even saw them pop up as a décor element for children's playrooms and parties. While tipis have been around for centuries, originally as durable housing for Native Americans in the Great Plains, 2012 was the year of the tipi, and we don't see the tendency slowing down anytime soon.

These cone-shaped tents were traditionally made of animal hides and easily constructed and deconstructed to fit the mobile lifestyle of the Great Plains Native Americans. The word tipi comes from the Sioux word thi, which means to dwell.

Luxury Tipis in Ancient Desert Hills of the Mojave Desert, Death Valley, California

The Death Valley National Park might seem like an unlikely setting for a glamping site, but the surrounding mountain peaks give way to breathtaking views of the vast desert. Discover the peculiar beauty of the desert and the nearby, quaint, old mining town from this glamping site.

Daytime activities include picnics made to go, bird watching, hiking, and a dip in the nearby hot springs. When the sun goes down in the winter, the site provides campfires under the vast desert sky. Best part? The staff does your dishes from dinner while you relax over s’mores!

Quirky Zen-Tipis Pitched at Charismatic Woodland Retreat, Oregon

This luxurious, nature-filled tipi retreat in Mohawk Valley near Eugene, Oregon, is truly a full-service glamping site. This collection of seven tipis and three cabins makes this an ideal venue for a staff retreat, family reunion, or destination wedding.

With Native American inspired names, like Crazy Horse and Chief Sitting Bull, the site pays homage to the history of the tipi. In addition, the gorgeous tipis are set in a lush, secluded woodland setting, and they are all decorated in a Zen-style, complete with cozy, goose down comforters.

What is truly remarkable about this particular site is its extensive culinary offerings. All meals are wholesome and locally sourced, and they range from smoked salmon and eggs (from the retreat’s own chickens, of course) for breakfast to family style paellas, prepared by the owner, for dinner.

Apart from leisurely hiking excursions, daytime activities include wine tasting at local wineries, soaking in the natural springs, and motorcycle tours for the especially daring.

The Glamping Groove

By Abby Jeffords

Camping has been a traditional family holiday for many years, but the excitement of sleeping outdoors and embracing the elements is not for everyone. That's why a whole new trend has been born from the old style camping, and it's called glamping, or glamorous camping.

Why go glamping? It's green! Like traditional camping, glamping still focuses on saving the environment by using solar power, composting toilets, and, in many cases, the accommodations are constructed from recycled materials.

Glamping is also for everyone. There are a variety of holidays that are perfect for glamping, such as romantic, luxurious getaways for couples and action-packed holidays for large families.

Selecting just how glamorous you want your camping to be is your choice. There are many styles of glamping available that still maintain the essence of the original camping experience. Staying in touch with nature remains very much the focus, and the various locations are stunning, to say the least.

Glamping accommodations come in many styles, including luxurious tents, yurts, and tipis. Tents can be extremely spacious and include things like large beds, rugs, lamps and other comforts and accessories.

How about a camper van? These typically come equipped with a connection for music, kitchens, and luxurious linens. There are beautiful cabins, yurts, cottages, lodges, wagons and domes, as well, that sleep anyqhere from two to twelve people.

It doesn't stop there—the possibilities go on and on. Of course, this doesn't always come cheap; that's why finding the best price is important. It's good to do some research until you find something that suits your budget.

The best thing about glamping is that there are virtually no limits to the locations and types of adventures you can have. Whether you are looking for a trekking week, a culinary or cultural exploration, or just a couple days in the wild, the choices are endless. Nature awaits you—it's time to book!

Click here to see all the glamping options that Glamping Hub has to offer you.

Glamp Into Spring Break

By Abby Jeffords

Warmer breezes are about to tear through the walls of winter, and the sun will begin to heat the earth so that the life that had been hibernating can reemerge. Even though flowers are bursting into bloom, animals are awakening, and the land is becoming beautiful and clean, we all know that spring is just a teaser for summer. Why do you think spring break was invented?

After winter, our bones ache for sunshine that seeps into our soul, sandy beaches, fruity drinks, and crashing waves. You don’t want to wait for spring to slowly turn into summer. You want it now, and you can have just that when you glamp into spring break.

Here are our top picks for a glamping spring break:

Hawaii: On a hill in the middle of a coffee farm, you can relax in the sunshine with a fruity drink on the deck of this massive luxury yurt and feel the warm, ocean breezes wash over you, thick with the smell of tropical flowers. Talk about unique!

Florida: Check out this cool up-cycled shipping container turned luxury accommodation in Jupiter, Florida. Glampers will be totally immersed in Florida's fantastic natural wilderness, while still getting to soak up that sweet Floridian sun.

Nicaragua: If you’re searching for a beach bungalow in an unforgettable location, look no further. This mellow Nicaraguan retreat is so close to the sea you can literally roll out of bed and into the sand. The luxurious wooden bungalows have spacious ensuite washrooms and are constructed with renewable materials, keeping with the site’s efforts around sustainable tourism.

Caribbean: Who wouldn't want to soak in the warm Caribbean Sea during spring break? These chic, eco-friendly cabins on Water Island off the southern coast of St. Thomas will bring you back to nature in style with ocean views and a home-away-from-home feel that will make you want to stay forever.

California: It isn't the beach, per se, but there is certainly sand and sun! You may not believe that a tipi can be luxurious, but let this Mojave Desert glamping site convince you. Turkish rugs, plush king-sized beds, mosaic tables and an endless night sky. And all the beauties of the wild Californian desert right outside your door.

Peru: On the shores of northern Peru, these cozy beach bungalows are perfect for a relaxing springtime escape. The bamboo huts are nestled happily in the white sand, only a few feet from the waves of the Pacific. Private washrooms, comfy beds, panoramic views of the ocean and access to the wild beauty of Peru—need we say more?

The Fab Features of a Luxury Yurt

By Abby Jeffords

A yurt is a fascinating thing—it's warm in winter, cool in summer, surprisingly spacious, and incredibly strong. It's easy to assemble, functional to use, and its interior can be molded to even the most discerning inhabitant’s tastes.

Yurts are extremely common in the world of glamping because of their utility and flexibility. Most glamping yurts are relatively simple structures with sparse but comfortable furnishings, efficiency kitchens, and occasionally a small adjacent washroom. They are a welcome abode for most any nature-loving traveler, weary or otherwise.

Luxury yurts take glamping to a whole different level with hand-carved wooden furniture, locally-sourced woven rugs, private soaking tubs, running water, full-service kitchens, and, most importantly, killer views.

Here are a some of the most fabulous yurt accommodations on Glamping Hub. Click the images to learn more and book your luxury yurt holiday!

Authentic Mongolian Yurt with Traditional Furnishings, Colorado

Colorful Yurts Snuggled in the Hills Near Malaga, Southern Spain

Luxury Yurt Camp in Norway

Remote Fishing Yurt in Immaculate Wilderness of Naha Bay, Southeast Alaska

Heaven on a Hilltop

By Abby Jeffords

Close your eyes. What’s the first place that comes to mind when you think of coconuts, palm trees, warm sand, surf boards, glittering ocean water, and the smell of Coppertone? How about crashing waves, active volcanoes, flip flops, golden sunsets, emerald mountains, and eternal summer? If you’re thinking the Big Island, Hawaii, then you’re on the money!

The largest of the Hawaiian Islands by far, the Big Island has got it all. Surfing, hiking, snorkeling, parasailing, fishing, horseback riding, swimming, whale watching, rafting, zip lining—the list goes on. Sun-seekers flock to the beaches, and adventurers run for the rainforested hills, all clambering to delight in the many wonders the Big Island has to offer.

What's the secret to getting the maximum bliss out of your Hawaiian journey? We say it's knowing where to stay. Secluded and quiet, surrounded by nature, and just minutes from the beach, these yurts are an ideal destination from which to discover the largest of the Hawaiian Islands.

No stuffy rooms in over-crowded hi-rise hotels, no groups of tourists milling about, no tacky gift shops—just fresh air, spectacular views, and all the comforts of home.


Both of the clean and cozy yurts at this glamping property have comfy beds with luxurious mattresses, a private bathroom, a dining area, a mini-kitchen, and an iPod dock. Outside, you’ll find a shared deck and barbecue, where you can chill out under the stars.

This is an utterly unique and seriously awesome way to go on vacation in Hawaii.