The Ultimate Summer Giveaway with Glamping Hub & Friends

By Jessica Armstrong

Hey there glampers, summer is finally here and we are kicking it off with our "Ultimate Summer Giveaway"!

Ultimate Summer Giveaway Enter to Win 5 Incredible Prizes with Glamping Hub & Friends

What better way to plan your next glamping vacation than by entering to win some extra goods and gadgets to keep you stocked, prepped, and ready for adventure? By partnering with our friends over at MPowerd, Project 7, Wear Panda, and Hand in Hand Soap, we will be bringing you fun in the sun all summer long.

Don't wait any longer and enter to win before it's too late.

Want to know more about the "Ultimate Summer Giveaway" prizes? Check them out below:

1. $300 Glamping Hub Gift Card

Glamping Hub Gift Card

With over 10,000 unique glamping accommodations across the globe, grabbing a gift card is the first step towards filling your (or anyone's!) summer with adventure. Whether you're heading to Australia to sleep in a dome in the Outback, or to Mexico to stay in your very own beach-side tree house, this gift card is your ticket to get movin'.

2. Project 7's Summer Pack Supply

Project 7 Summer Pack Gum

With four new flavors of gum to give your palettes a burst of summer goodness, Project 7's summer pack is made for a getaway. With flavors including half & half, margarita, s'more, and cotton candy, this gluten-free, sugar-free gourmet gum is going to be every glamper's favorite treat this summer.

3. Wear Panda Monroe Sunglasses

Wear Panda Sunglasses

Stylish for both men and women, available in multiple colors, and fit for adventure and luxury, these sunglasses by Wear Panda cannot be beaten. Customers and reps love these glasses and you glampers will too. Plus, with every pair bought, Wear Panda helps to provide eye care to someone in need.

4. Hand in Hand Soap - 4 Pack

Hand in Hand Soaps

Hand in Hand Soap is bringing you your must-have toiletry item this summer, with four delicious scents you won't get enough of. You can bet that these bars made of Coral, Orange Blossom, Lavender, and Sea Salt extracts will be found in every glamper's luggage this year. And for every bar bought, Hand in Hand donates a bar of soap and one month of clean water to a child in need.

5. Three Luci Lights by MPowerdInc

Luci Lights by MPowerdInc

The newest thing in outdoor light technology, MPoweredInc is proud to introduce Luci Lights. With adjustable straps to make them easy to attach to any surface, these lightweight, waterproof lights are the perfect addition to any of your night-time glamping adventures. Explore the shore, beaches, mountains, and more, but not without your go-to Luci Light, available in different styles and colors.

Don't miss out on these one-of-a-kind products, enter here to win.

Host Spotlight: Elizabeth

By Jackie Dreyer

Editor's note: Each month, we'd like to introduce you to one of our wonderful Glamping Hub hosts and what inspired them to create a glamping site. This month, we have Elizabeth, who manages this spacious yurt rental in Keaau, Hawaii.

The exterior of the yurt in Hawaii

1. When was the first time you heard the term glamping?

On an NBC show.

2. What inspired you to have your own glamping site?

I have a yurt in Hawaii—what better type of lodging and great location are there?

3. If you could describe your property or the glamping experience you offer in three words, what would they be?

Peaceful, nature, calming.

Outdoor deck of yurt in Hawaii

4. What was your first glamping /camping experience?

Camping in the Rocky Mountains.

5. Why would you recommend people to go glamping?

Because it is camping in nature with all the amenities needed to feel comfortable.

The interior of the yurt in Hawaii

6. What should people expect when they come to your glamping site?

They can expect a beautiful large yurt, natural sunlight, and a large private property that is well-maintained and close to all outdoor activities. The yurt is away from it all, yet close enough to towns and the airport.

7. What makes your property unique?

It's a 700-square-foot yurt with indoor plumbing!

8. What’s your favorite part about owning a glamping property?

People who stay here start to dream about having a yurt of their own, which shows they were happy with their experience at our property.

The bed inside the yurt in Hawaii

9. What makes your property eco-friendly?

It's the closest thing to living off the land as possible.

Interested in a glamping escape to Hawaii? See more of what Elizabeth's yurt can offer here!

Where Our Famous Glamping-Loving Moms Should Spend Mother's Day 2017

By Jessica Armstrong

Looking to take a break from the spotlight to spend Mother's Day in a secluded and beautiful destination?

Michelle, Reese, Queen Bey, and all of you other lovely ladies, we have a special treat for you this year—and we can guarantee you won't want to indulge in this opportunity only once a year.


Outfitted with the most lavish of luxuries and comforts to help guests relax and refresh, these glamping getaways are what every mama deserves this Mother's Day. Filled top-to-bottom with the most royal amenities and features that all leading ladies will not be able to get enough of, a glamping vacation or staycation is the perfect way to spend this special day, whether a solo getaway for mom or with the whole family in tow.

Sneak peak at a few gems and true treasures right here:

safari-tent-coloarado This beautiful safari tent in Carbondale, Colorado, will make every mother swoon the second they set their sights on its chic features and comfy four-poster bed.

tree-house-near-asheville Tucked away in Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, this charming tree house is one for the whole family. Every A-list mother will want to share this one with her kids, creating memories to last a lifetime.

cabin-rental-near-tahoe-california This stunning cabin in Lake Tahoe screams nature meets glitz and glam. Wake up to a fresh cup of coffee and a view of the great outdoors like you have never seen it before.

barn-upstate-new-york Open the door to your beautiful Tivoli barn to splurge in the coziness of a home away from home right off the Hudson River in Upstate New York.

cottage-getaway-oregon Luxury enthusiasts cannot get enough of this peaceful cozy cottage nestled into Oregon's woodlands. This is the perfect getaway for any celeb couple who wants to make like Kim and Kanye and head up to Oregon via their very own jet.


For all of you moms out there reading this, don't forget to drop your loved ones some hints that what you're really craving isn't a weekend at the spa, but a glamping getaway!

Our famous glamping-loving mothers adore these sites, and you will, too! Check out some of our most luxurious spots for every special mama here.

6 Around-the-World Parenting Styles that Make your Mom Special

By Laura Camila Rivera

It doesn't matter if you're living the American dream or raised by the Spanish siesta lifestyle, your mom deserves to be spoiled rotten on Mother's Day. For us glampers, it's easy to take on new adventures, but home is always where Mom is. Mamas around the world have left their imprint on generations to come, so here's a quick look at different "mom-ing" strategies from around the world. Do you recognize any?

On safety

Did your mama walk you to school every morning or were you sent off on your own to instill independence? To this day, women around the world differ in this, and it may have a lot to do with who you are as a person now. In Japan, kids go to school by themselves and can be seen walking or even riding trains and buses by themselves. In Denmark, babies often nap outside in a warm stroller while mom has a cup of coffee with no worries. Meanwhile, lone kids in New York are a cause for worry and can even mean trouble for parents back home.

On birthday parties


Latin American parties demand a lot of energy from Mamas around the world and tend to go on for hours after any preestablished end time. Birthday parties can be huge family events, especially quinceañeros! In Thailand, some people believe it's rude to celebrate on a day that mom went through so much pain. Instead, these holidays can be seen as a chance to make a monetary donation, donate blood, or do some charity work. It brings luck and good karma for the rest of the year, and kids barely seem to notice that the attention isn't on them!

On getting help

While all our mothers are clearly superheroes, this doesn't mean they need to raise their kids on their own. The phrase, "It takes a village," comes in handy in places like Brazil and Africa where it is very common to have nannies and maids to help lighten the load. In some places, it's even an expectation for financially stable families to provide jobs in the community. In New Zealand, midwives can visit the homes of recent moms for weeks after birth to help out, and in Thailand, grandma and grandpa are never too far away and may even move in to help mom get back to work sooner.

On sleeping arrangements


How old were you when you started sleeping in your own room? Co-sleeping is a norm in places like India where space is limited or in Thailand. It isn't uncommon to see a mom sleeping in a bed with her child and dad sleeping somewhere else. This also means that kids stay up as late as their parents in a lot of places and don't adhere to a bedtime or sleep schedule. If mom's up, I'm up, we always say.

On discipline

If you've heard of la chancla, then you probably grew up in a Hispanic household where discipline consists of mom's sandal, and you've learned never to make that mistake again. Tantrums and hissy fits are a given when it comes to the terrible twos, but in Northern Ireland, people get involved. Strangers in the grocery store have no reservations about calming a baby with a temper, and in Turkey, waiters can pick up a fussy kid and bounce him around until he calms down.

On recreation

Date nights and romantic getaways are always hard in the first few years with a new kid, but some places write them out completely. In Jordan, women and men often socialize separately and, while the women may miss their partners, they have many ways to let their hair down and let loose when in the comfort of their girls nights. Family-friendly locations are common in Norway for everyone to spend time together. All around the world, when mom and dad can get away, they probably go glamping.

This Mother's Day, don't forget to say thank you for your mom's hard work by spoiling her rotten. We recommend a gift card to an around-the-world stay worthy of your around-the-world mom.

Blogger Spotlight: Inma and Jose

By Jessica Armstrong

After studying, volunteering, and working their way around the world, Inma and Jose launched A World to Travel to share their experiences around the world, their passion for music festivals, the great outdoors, and all things travel. You can bet their pup Rufoo will be included in the journey.


When they aren't making new worldly discoveries, this Spanish couple makes time for charming getaways nearby their home in Northern Spain, including to this one-of-a-kind Spanish tree house.

Looking to get the scoop on glamping around the globe like a Euro pro? Not only will you feel like a local anywhere you travel after browsing their blog, but you'll want to visit places you never even thought about adding to your bucket list! We know we do. Follow along below to make sure the next time you travel you'll be prepared, stoked, and ready for adventure.



What are your top must-haves when glamping and traveling?

As little as possible! We are light packers and, unless it is strictly needed, we never check in luggage. That way we can save time, money, and possible losses or thefts. Anyway, we rarely miss anything after having honed the art of packing up over the years.

Our photography equipment takes more than half the space of our suitcases and the rest are functional clothes valid for any season and destination. Here's our trusty and minimalist packing list for long-term travel. Check it out!



How does your travel style change depending on the time of year and season?

Since our plans may change last minute, we need to have both warm and light clothes with us pretty much all the time. For instance, two years back, I traveled for a few months and went from -18ºC in Finland to +45ºC in Dubai.
Therefore, layers are key. Apart from that, we usually take something warm in case it gets really cold, something waterproof, something stylish enough to go on a date, and something comfy for the great outdoors.

How do you plan your vacations? Around destination? Around style? Around accommodation?

We used to plan them to take advantage of as many cheap flights as possible, combining multiple destinations in one go. Today, however, this has changed, as our way to travel is shifting accordingly with the times we are living.
We no longer stand for low-cost solutions that in the end might have a huge carbon footprint attached. These days, we only search for meaningful experiences and responsible travel.



What is your favorite activity to participate in when visiting a new place?

Absorbing the local culture and getting to know some locals is a must. Something that cannot be reproduced anywhere else and definitely one of the things we try to do everywhere we go. Apart from that, we usually spend way too much time with our cameras looking for the most gorgeous spots to take pictures at sunset.

The great outdoors never cease to amaze us, and we have learned we get tired of big cities sooner than anything else. In any case, as Spaniards, we always look forward to enjoying life. As a result, we usually end up coming across the most awesome experiences.

Finally, music festivals keep us entertained in summer. We are already looking forward to next season and planning to drop by a few of the world's coolest music festivals!



Are you an overpacker or underpacker? How so?

We never thought we would say this, but after more than 15 years packing almost every month, we can finally say loud and clear that we fall into the underpacker category.

How do you advise glampers to plan their wardrobe for a vacation to a glamping retreat?

I think any approach you take is valid. In the last few years, the rise of glamping has become a global trend. Therefore, tons of fashion and lifestyle gurus seem to have the perfect formula and wardrobe for a glamping vacation.

However, be aware that there is no right way to do this, just your own. And simply pick whatever items you are comfortable and happy with and get ready to have some serious fun and enjoy nature at its best.


What is your favorite type of accommodation to visit, and how many glamping trips have you been on?

No matter their shapes, all glamping accommodations are usually ridiculously cool. Safari tents, caravans, tented cabins, bell tents, cottages, log cabins, tree houses, huts, caves, barns, tipis, domes, campervans, yurts, igloos! I think I need to try them all before answering your first question. :)

As for the glamping trips I have been on, there has been a few of them. Right after launching my travel blog, back in 2013, I won a two-week Mexico trip on a writing contest and got to spend a couple of nights in a luxurious elevated log cabin in Tulum. In 2014, I fell for a very unique and spacious hut in Kerala, India, surrounded by a deep forest. And last year, I went on a Luxembourg hiking and glamping trip and got to sleep in a safari tent.

But without any doubt, the most special glamping experience I had to date is spending one night at these tree houses in Galicia—they are simply otherworldly.


How would you describe your glamping taste? Chic and stylish or rustic and outdoorsy?

Outdoorsy chic!


Do you want to make this exquisite tree house your next glamping stay? Discover this site and more in the Spanish Viajes Portal, here.

Inma and Jose are planning some amazing getaways for 2017! Follow their adventures on their blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Photo Credit: Inma and Jose